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Email marketing

Opt-in Email Marketing is the online delivery of customised email marketing advertisements to an internet consumer's inbox. You can reach the largest amount of people in the shortest amount of time. The consumer lists can be focused on geographic area, age, sex, job title, salary, medical conditions, specific hobbies, and other niche interests.
At Azara Media, we only offer 100% opt-in email addresses, meaning that the subscribers have requested to receive information on their interested subjects.

Email Basics
  • We have email available in several pricing structures
    • Single Opt - CPM and CPC
    • Double Opt - CPM
  • CPM
    • Open rate is 3% - 7%
    • Click thru ratio is typically 300-2000 visitors to your site
  • CPC
    • Guaranteed visitors to your site
    • Number of clicks is determined at the beginning of the campaign
  • We can target a list of demographics

Our marketing professionals will help you to determine the best methodology for promoting your product or service. From creating an enticing subject line, to ensuring an effective from line, and developing the most effective email advertisement, our team will ensure you as the client, have the capability in facilitating a professional and successful email marketing campaign.

Where do you get your lists?

We have a network of websites that contain data collection fields, once an internet user lands on one of these pages we prompt them to complete the data collection form which results in an Opt In record within our database.

What is your turn around time for deploying my campaign?

Approximately 72 hours from the time we receive your approval on the proof email.

Do you design the Ad for my campaign or do I?

We can utilize a current Ad you have designed, or we can custom design an Ad for you

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